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date: 2015-03-26

I have been testing Palo Alto Traps Endpoint Protection (of which I’m extremely satisfied with) and today decided to forward the logs to OSSIM by alienvault.

My sandbox was the following,
OSSIM Installed; AlienVault_OSSIM_64bits_4.15.2.iso
VM Platform; VirtualBox 4.3.20 on Windows 7

Install OSSIM with two host only interfaces, configure eth0 eth1

Login to OSSIM Vm console with root, choose jail break from the menu option.
Once you get a full shell run the following command

# adduser –s /bin/bash sadmin

Change the password

# passwd sadmin

Now add this user to the /etc/sudoers file under; root    ALL=(ALL) ALL

sadmin ALL=(ALL) ALL

Now on your windows host open putty and ssh onto ossim.

Syslog Config
We will create a new config file to catch and redirect to specific logfile.

# sudo nano /etc/rsyslogd/

if $fromhost == ‘’ and $rawmsg contains ‘Palo Alto Networks|EndpointSecurityManager’ then /var/log/ossim/paloalto-endpoint.log
if $fromhost == ‘’ ~

# service rsyslog restart

Plugin config
We now need to create a new plugin. I used to help with the regex

# sudo nano /etc/ossim/agent/plugins/paloalto-endpoint.cfg

# Alienvault plugin
# Author: martyn from
# Plugin paloalto-endpoint id:9007 version: 0.0.1
# Last modification: 2015-03-26 12:37
# Accepted products:
# syslog - syslog -
# Description:






#;Some thing=2


# Sample Log
# Mar 24 15:18:37 Host CEF: 0|Palo Alto Networks|EndpointSecurityManager||7|Prevention from machine|9|dhost=USER-PC4 msg=Prevention details: User=USER-PC4\user PreventionMode=Terminate ProcessName=AcroRd32 EPM= Cycode=S01 PreventionKey=74ff476a-6752-49a6-b750-12b11c1f6713 Arguments=”C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe” “C:\Users\user\Desktop\adobe_cooltype_sing.pdf”.

[paloalto - endpoint event]
regexp=”^(?P(\\S+\\s+\\d+\\s+\\d\\d:\\d\\d:\\d\\d)\\s+.+dhost=(?P\\S+).+User=(?P\\S+)\\s+PreventionMode=(?P\\S+)(?P<logged\_event>.+))$" device={resolv($host)} date={normalize\_date($1)} plugin\_sid=3 username={$username} src\_ip={resolv($host)} dst\_ip={resolv($host)} userdata1={md5sum($logline)} userdata3={$host} userdata4={$action} userdata5={$logged\_event}

Back on the vm console in the alienvault menu goto option 1’configure sensor’ then to option 4 ‘configure data source plugins’ and select your new plugin.

You may have to from putty
# /etc/init.d/ossim-server restart
# /etc/init.d/ossim-agent restart

Login to your ossim web portal and goto ‘configuration’ > ‘deployment’ > ‘Alienvault center’ > double click ‘alienvault’ object > ‘sensor configuration’ > click ‘collection’
Search for palo and add ‘paloalto-endpoint’ to the enabled plugins.

Now to get your events into the dashboard we need to create a sql file and import it. Back on putty!
# sudo nano /usr/share/doc/ossim-mysql/contrib./plugins/paloalto-endpoint.sql

-- paloalto endpoint
-- plugin_id: 9007

DELETE FROM plugin WHERE id = “9007”;
DELETE FROM plugin_sid where plugin_id = “9007”;

INSERT IGNORE INTO plugin (id, type, name, description) VALUES (9007, 1, ‘paloalto-endpoint’, ‘Palo Alto Endpoint plugin with md5 checksum logging’);

INSERT IGNORE INTO plugin_sid (plugin_id, sid, category_id, class_id, name, priority, reliability) VALUES (9007, 3, NULL, NULL, ‘PaloAlto-Endpoint: Terminate Event’ , 5, 5);

Back on the vm console in a jail broken full shell;

# cat /usr/share/doc/ossim-mysql/contrib./plugins/paloalto-endpoint.sql ossim-db

Best to redo from putty
# /etc/init.d/ossim-server restart
# /etc/init.d/ossim-agent restart

!troubleshooting in putty

# sudo cat /var/log/alienvault/agent/agent.log grep 9007