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I wanted to do more edge, less cloud, and I had seen the balena project and quite fancied the challenge to setup multiroom audio. To do this with a computer half the size of a post it label is quite something. Whilst I didn’t meet my original goal and had to compromise with the software I was still able to accomplish something useful.


part supplier
PiZeroWH (The extra H means headers solder on) PiHut £13.50
JustBoom Digi DAC justboom £24
JustBoom Red case justboom £13.99
5v PSU justboom £8.99
Optical Cable justboom £4
micro SDHC card PNY 32gb argos £5.99
Soundbar/hifi with optical input Should have already
  £70.47 each vs Sonos port @ £399

Software Config

  • download v7 std and write to sdcard
  • Create/copy wpa supplicant file to root of sdcard boot volume
  • boot RPI from sdcard
    • enter IP into browser and navigate
      • Squeezelite Setting >

        • playername = something useful
        • audio output = justboom digi
      • main >

        • resize fs = to whole sd card
        • bluetooth
          • install
          • enable rpi bluetooth
        • lms
          • install
  • mount nas volumes
  • open lms to control media

Other Stuff I tried and failed with

  • Audio
    • Burns outs SD cards
    • Took a very long time to deploy app, multiple hours
    • Impressed with Fleet control
    • Impressed with container use
    • Impressed with ease of use
  • JustBoom player
    • Works great for local player easy to setup.
    • Was unable to get multiroom working