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date: 2016-03-09

I often get frustrated with bloggers web wysiwyg editor and the html well… I just don’t have time to mess around these days. I want to throw information out, that I hope helps others defend a little better against the deluge of common persistent threats. That said Cisco seems to think i’m some vxer because I can emulate techniques used by attackers and discuss this here on my blog.  You don’t test armour unless you attack it.

Anyhow this is my first post using ‘open live writer’ which unlike the other desktop software has let me setup the connection. So whilst it has many features missing like spull chek, i’m hoping I can draft up in word and cut and paste it here without the oddities of the web wysiwyg.

It would appear pictures are kinda ok, but hyperlinks are evil and result in error 415