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50 Vulnerability management aggregation of AppSec & OpSec
49 Project - BluePass - Easy Password Entry For All
48 SQL Sha1 cracking
47 To run CMD as local SYSTEM account
46 AutoHotKey script for pasting into clipboard disabled sessions
45 Bluetooth bridge to keyboard for uber long password entry
44 Scheduled AD Account Reports with Talend Studio
43 ElasticSearch and Kibana for Checkpoint Log analysis
42 Windows Password Filter for AD
41 Integrity Check Windows
40 Debug lsass
39 Auditing AD Passwords
38 Securing the Cloud
37 RansomWare
36 Cuckoo Setup Script
35 Cuckoo Sandbox - Baremetal with SAN and IPMI
34 Diving deeper into windows - Driver development - Project Shelved!!!
33 USB AT-Tiny85 HID Keyboard trojan keystrokes or password generator
32 Digging into NTFS for the journal
31 redacted
30 FluentD ElasticSearch Kibana (FEK platform)
29 NxLog Conf for Sysmon
28 Sysmon for a poormans EDR
27 Buspirate for where usbTinyIsp will no longer do more than 64k
26 Python script to generate ip list from cidr notation master list
25 Pulling in Qualys data with python and Talend Studio, so it can be dashboarded in excel
24 Open Live Writer Hello Blogger
23 Cuckoo 2.0 on vmware ESXi
22 redacted
21 windows 10 download directly
20 Reverse shell on android
19 code signing certificates
18 Digging deeper into microsoft emet
17 Fibre Channel Storage Server with Solaris 11.3 and napp-it
16 Overcoming sandbox evasion via msgbox - Success in attempt #2
15 Overcoming sandbox evasion via msgbox
14 Cisco Advanced Malware Protection - Admin Perspective
13 Diving deeper into windows - Driver development - Differences between KMDF and UMDF2.0 - Update 3
12 Sandbox Evasion & Document Based Attack
11 Diving deeper into windows - Driver development - Status Update 2
10 Diving deeper into windows - Driver development - Security in mind, Part 1
9 Developing equivalent of eicar test for advanced malware protection
8 Process injection technique in cpp
7 Decoding office malware - sample A
6 Decoding office malware - sample B
5 Decoding java script malware
4 Setting up Linux Web Application Firewall with Applicure DotDefender
3 Linux Clustering of Web Application Firewall
2 Linux Firewall Bridged/Inline Mode
1 Kali Linux Install Notes


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