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Project - BluePass - Easy Password Entry For All

Official disclaimer use at your own risk we are not responsible for what you do with this information or any harm you cause others.

Project ‘BluePass’ was intended to make longer password entry easier for us humans, by leveraging your Android Smartphone, with its security and authentication protecting the credentials, and the ‘bluepass’ dongle is merely facilitating entry of credentials, by way of Keyboard emulation, so far it’s merely a proof of concept, that is using out of date Bluetooth2.0 hardware, so it has vulnerabilities from the get go. We also have Windows Password Filter that can ban the use of dictionary words and variants such as leet speek and other common substitutions (contact us for details). We were aiming to keep the hardware cost under £10.

Android can be rooted and the kernel modified to allow direct USB HID emulation (impractical for everyday users).
There is also the WiFi option with host software on your PC (Impractical for businesses).

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